Dodo Tracker

Dodo Tracker is a tool for tracking, analyzing, and predicting villager encounter rates across the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We are able to calculate campsite visitor frequency for each villager by analyzing past visits as well as your current and past residents. As for mystery islands we only need to look at current island residents. For details on this check out drjay's doc on campsites and/or ctar17's doc on mystery islands.

Getting started

  • 1. Add your current island residents

    By clicking (My Island Residents).

  • 2. Track each villager you see at the campsite or on mystery islands

    By clicking (Track Encounter).

  • 3. Analyze your data and villagers

    By clicking (Browse Villagers) or (My Data).

  • Reach out to me if you'd like to chat. Also, a special thanks to filthykasual for the villager icons, drjay for his doc on campsites, ctar17 for her doc on mystery islands, Kai for his calculator sheet, and Mau.